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STM @ Chicago SketchFest 2013

STM Street F

Stupid Time Machine returns to Chicago SketchFest on Jan 4th and 5th.  After two years of sold-out shows at SketchFest, we’ve been moved to the festival’s biggest room, the Thrust Theater.  You should see our show.  The Chicago Reader certainly thinks so.

• 9pm, Jan 4th @ Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont)
• 9pm, Jan 5th @ Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont)

Last year, SketchFest tickets for Stupid Time Machine sold out during pre-sale.  If you’d like to see us, buy tickets in advance at

Stupid Time Machine’s recent performances include San Francisco SketchFest, Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival, The New York Fringe Festival, and a mainstage run at iO West.  In addition to performing sketch, the members of the group are also co-founders of The New Movement, a family of comedy theaters with locations in Austin and New Orleans.  Stupid Time Machine’s anticipated return to SketchFest this year offers Chicagoans a chance to not only view a festival favorite, but to also get a taste of the comedy renaissance that is quickly transforming the Gulf Coast into a new and unexpected frontier for comedy.

Stupid Time Machine stars Derek Dupuy, Jo Fink, Vanessa Gonzalez, CJ Hunt, and Mike Spara.   Here is what they look like live.   Here is what they look like on film.  You should see them with your eyes.

Stupid Time Machine @ NOLA Fringe

After a sold-out debut at Hell Yes Fest, our brand new sketch show The Shaming of The Truth will be staged at the New Orleans Fringe Festival this weekend.

Sat, Nov 17th @9pm
The New Movement
$8 with Fringe Pin.  $11 without.

This show will sell out.  Get here at 30-45 mins before showtime to snag a ticket.

New Video, Funny or Die, and Other Evil

Made a video, and it is currently being featured on the front page of Funny or Die. You should watch it.

Our own CJ Hunt has expanded this concept into a whole website that you should visit.  Evil, the fictional Super PAC that sponsored this campaign video features other endorsements for numerous despicable things like Pollution, War, and Todd Akin.

Let’s Open a Theater this Weekend

Grand Opening: March 3rd 

Two years ago, the members of Stupid Time Machine teamed up with improvisers Chris Trew and Tami Nelson on an idea: let’s open a badass comedy theater and training center in New Orleans.   

A theater requires two things: a community and a physical location to house that community.  As we set about locating and raising money for a permanent space, we got to work building a community.  We spent two years teaching classes out of cafes and borrowed theater space, we did shows wherever we could – bars and empty screen-printing shops, we gathered  a family of badass fearless performers and students, and we even started two major comedy festivals in New Orleans.  And now, after all of that, we finally have a permanent home.

This weekend, join us in celebrating
The New Movement NOLA
1919 Burgundy Street

Thu 3/1 – Press Preview
Fri 3/2 – Friends and Family
Sat 3/3 – Open to the Public   

For a schedule of Grand Opening festivities, click here

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Jet Eveleth @ TNM NOLA

Study with Jet Eveleth

If you don’t know about Jet Eveleth, you should.

In short, she’s an improv titan out of Chicago.  She’s taught at Second City and iO, she performs with The Reckoning, and has done a ton of other notable awesome things including this pilot.

Right.  So this badass is coming down to New Orleans this weekend (Feb 3-4) to perform and teach workshops at our theater, The New Movement.  It all goes down on Saturday, Feb 4th

  • 12:00pm – 2:00pm @ The New Movement: Playing Honest Improv Workshop
  • 2:30pm – 4:30pm @ The New Movement: Physical Improv Workshop
  • 10:30pm – 11:30pm @ The Shadwbox: Show featuring Jet and TNM all-stars

As a theater, we try to find moments when we can expose our students  to some of the brightest minds in improv from across the country.  This is one of those times.  Whether you’re a current student, an actor too busy to take regular classes, or just some stranger, you should get in on this.

More info here.

STM @SF Sketchfest: Reviewed by Spinning

Review of our SF Sketchfest Show at the Dark Room

Bay Area music/comedy-philes Spinning Platters reviewed our set at the SF Sketchfest.  This is what they said on their fancy internet website:

“From the depths of the Louisiana Bayou, Stupid Time Machine surfaced in the bowels of the Dark Room. The New Orleans-based sketch troupe made complete use of space and time to produce a show of hilariously juvenile imagination. Sharp writing, pitch perfect performances, goofy, and unfiltered: Stupid Time Machine were ‘rimming’ with ambitious, crass, tongue-in-cheek humor. Every character, while appropriately idiotic, was thoroughly three-dimensional, gliding through taboos without a clue or conscious. The entire group impressed but CJ Hunt particularly shined, performing with guttural convention and passion that put many scenes on edge.” –
OJ Patterson 1/25/12

For full text of the review click here.  The article also covers our new friends/talented sketch duo Charles.   It is surprisingly difficult to find people who write about comedy without reducing it to just a list of what happened in each sketch;  Spinning Platters nails it with their concise well-written coverage of the whole Sketchfest .  There.  Take that Spinning Platters; we just reviewed YOU!!

Something wonderful on its way

What a month.

While STM was off representing at two big sketch festivals, our theater, The New Movement, has been staging the epic Raising NOLA Comedy Awareness Campaign.  Performing 19 shows in 19 days in 19 venues across the city,  this public service campaign was waged to let the people of New Orleans know what a badass comedy city they live in.  Drawing on this momentum, The New Movement will have the grand opening of our new theater space at 1919 Burgundy on March 2nd.  Until then, you can still catch STM on Tuesdays at the Den.  And you can enjoy repeatedly watching these PSAs.



STM on the road

STM heads to San Francisco and Chicago Sketchest

Fresh off of performing and leading workshops at the Improv Wins conference in Austin, Stupid Time Machine is hitting the road once again to perform at two of the country’s best sketch comedy festivals.

This weekend, Stupid Time Machine is at Chicago Sketchfest.
We’re playing at stage 733 at the following times:
Fri, Jan 12th – 8pm @ The Box
Sat Jan 13th – 8pm @ The Box

Next weekend, we’re at San Francisco Sketchfest playing at
• Fri, Jan 20th, 10pm @ The Dark Room Theater
• Sat Jan 21st , 8:00pm @ The Dark Room Theater 

If you are watching us and want to know more about what we do, check out our theater The New Movement at  With locations in New Orleans, Austin, and Houston we aim to transform the gulf coast into the next great comedy frontier outside of NY, Chicago, and LA.  Here’s a sample of  two badass upcoming TNM events:

  • Megaphone Marathons (July)  – an open improv marathon held over three consecutive weekends in all three New Movement cities.
  • The Megaphone Marathons Training Camp (July) – a one-week summer improv intensive with a rigorous focus on stage time.  Spending their days in classes and nights performing for paying audiences, training camp participants end the week with a festival performance at the Megaphone Marathons. Email for more info.

Coming Home

Dear STM/TNM Family,

This is a big week.  Our good friends Chris Trew and Tami Nelson have just moved back to New Orleans.  In addition to being our friends, they are badass improvisors and the genius brains who started The New Movement.   Having built TNM up into an improv juggernaut in Austin, they have returned to their home city to join us in building the comedy theater this city deserves.  It is ON in NOLA.  And, boy, have we got a packed week for you.

Tue, July 12th (10pm – 1am)
@ One Eyed Jack’s (615 Toulouse Street) 

Airsex: Shhhh....its a secret

After the weekly Stupid Time Machine show at the Howling Wolf Den, head on over to One Eye’d Jacks for Airsex.
What is Airsex, you ask?  Well, it’s a lot like Air Guitar, but instead of rocking out with an imaginary guitar, you’re making sweet and/or filthy love with an imaginary sex partner. You choose a clip of music, you show up in whatever sort of wardrobe you like, and you come up on stage and show everyone how you do it. Or how you wish you could do it. Or how you once had it done to you, and oh my god was that a bad idea and while it’s embarrassing to show that act to a room of strangers, you know that you need to do it now in order to make sure that no one else falls down the same rabbit hole you got stuck inside. Or, you know, just do it however you want.  The night will be hosted by Chris Trew, and will feature a half-time act by New Orleans native and nationally touring comedian Sean Patton.

  • Find out more about the rules here.
  • See some video of airsex athletes here.

Wed, July 13th (7pm – 10pm)
@ The Shadowbox Theater  (2400 St. Claude Ave) 

Every month we host Megaphone Night – an opportunity to check out the classes, shows, and community at The New Movement.  It’s like a one night stand with improv that will leave you feeling wonderful the next morning.

7:00p: Improv Zero – Free
Our free intro-to-improv class. No experience or RSVP necessary – just show up and we’ll show you our style of improv!

8:00p: The Shootaround – Free
Our open-to-anyone improv show featuring performers from The New Movement and people who have never performed before. Seriously, just jump up and play with us!

9:30p: The Megaphone Show – $5 (or FREE if you participate in Improv Zero)
Our flagship event takes the monologues of a local celebrity and spins them into live comedy. Featuring members of Stupid Time Machine, Chris and Tami and more.

This month’s guest storyteller is Lauren Thom from Fleurty Girl!

For more info on The New Movement, visit We teach improv comedy classes and are building a full time comedy theater in NOLA.  We’re now registering summer  classes (Weds 7:00pm ) and (Sun 12:00pm).  To register or find out more, contact Tami Nelson at: or (504) 302 8264

Sat, July 16th (8:30 – 9:30)
@ The Shadowbox Theater (2400 Saint Claude Ave)

Chris and Tami are New Orleans natives who have spent the last 5 years touring the country, headlining comedy festivals and starting The New Movement in Austin, Tx. They are officially back to join the Movement already in progress in New Orleans.

This is their debut show as Nola residents. They are very excited and hope to see you there.

“A fiercely enjoyable brain warp of a time” – The Austin Chronicle

The show is $5 (free for TNM students)

STM Goes to L.A.

We are proud to announce that later this month we will be traveling to L.A. to do a run of our sketch revue All Beepers Go to Heaven on the mainstage at iO West.

After touring this show throughout the south, and bringing it to the Chicago Sketchfest and the invitation-only Hell Yes Fest, we couldn’t be more excited to deliver our latest sketch show to the smart hungry audience of iO West.  Should you be in LA or have people there who would enjoy the show, direct them here to access tickets and more info about the show.  Part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the show will run June 22nd, 23rd, 23th, and 26th at iO West with a special Midnight performance at The Complex Theaters on June 24th.

Get a Sneak Peek (Thu, June 9th) 

Can’t make it to L.A.? No worries.  For our friends and fans in New Orleans, we will stage a sneak peek performance of All Beepers at 9pm this Thursday, June 9th at the Shadowbox Theater.   For more info, click here.

Help us get to L.A.

In order to pay for travel, renting theater space, and the various other costs associated with the tour, the members of Stupid Time Machine have been taking turns doing “odd jobs” around town. These jobs have included participating in various underground “fighting rings,” selling our blood to a number of official and unofficial “blood houses”, and allowing our teammate Mike to be filmed in a  “modeling video” .  If you’d like to help us preserve our dignity and get to LA, and win some sweet “prizes” for yourself at the same time, click here.


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